the gothic temple.
nestled baby coots with their mother.
a resting turtle.
painshill's waterwheel.
the gothic tower.
the turkish tent.
the chinese bridge.
the bluebell patch.
These were all taken in the wonderland that is formerly known as Painshill Park. I went there a couple of weeks ago with my grandparents and my sister- the two of us set off on a little 'Narnia' adventure all around the park after having a picnic with our Nani and Grandad, sat by the river in the dappled sunshine! :)

Here are a selection of the photos that I took while we wandered about the park together. (Sorry that there are so many of them, haha!) After the first 'title' photo, they're all in the same order as I took them, so I suppose, in a way, you can see our day and the story behind each photo. It's a really beautiful and fun place, and if you ever find yourself with a free day, head over to Cobham and you'll find this magical land! I last went there when I was about 6 or 7 years old, and coming back again, it was like skipping along Memory Lane, seeing each landscape in all its glory just like I'd remembered it from all those years ago. As we walked along, I became happy-hyper with all the nostalgia and I think I told a couple of stories to my little sister about when we'd last been... she soon joined me in a state of hyperactive happiness and we laughed and gosspied and scared one another as we strolled around! It was all just the same as before, nothing had changed, not even after all those years

It really is wonderful place, and it was an even more wonderful day. I hope you like my photos and that you've had a lovely day/evening! :)

Mari-ann xxx