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We went to Oc√©anopolis, in Brest, for the day and it was incredible!  As you can see, I got extremely snap-happy, (I actually took almost 2,000 photos on this day alone, so yeah... hopefully, you can get the picture :D haha!), and so I apologise for posting so many photos in one post, but hopefully you like them anyway! It was the perfect day, sunny and warm, and Nani and Grandad let Emily and I wander around and go wherever we fancied, and so, of course, we went to every part of the park! It. Was. Amazing. ♥ :D SO, SO GOOD! I must say, if you ever happen to be in Brest for the day, and find that you have nothing to do, I'd wholeheartedly suggest going to Oc√©anopolis- you will not regret, it is worth every Euro! :) Well, I don't really know what else to say but I'll just say that these really are some of my favourite photos from the entire holiday and I hope that they convey the wonderful day that I had well! :) ♥ xxx