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Well, well... 'ello, 'ello! My, it's been a while, blog, hasn't it? (I've missed you, so!) :) So, I'll begin... 

Well, a long while ago now, back in November, after having a rather lengthy break away from drawing, I finally picked up my pencil once again and started working on, and finished, my drawing of the beautiful Natalie Portman. After hours and hours of (what seemed to be) endless shading and rubbing little bits outs and sharpening my pencil again and again, I finally reached a point of completion. So, voila! Sorry it's taken me so long to post it here to show you all- life's really gotten away from me recently and my blog has suffered for it! I've even turned 20 in the time since I last posted (gosh, I feel old! It feels like I was only 16 going on 17 yesterday!) Well anyway, hopefully, I'll get back in sync and back into the habit of posting bits and bobs more frequently, soon. I've got lots of things stored on my hard-drive ready for me to sort through and post about, and I finally started a new portrait last week, so keep your eyes peeled for all of that soon! :) 


Well, I won't keep you any longer- I've got a bajillion photos to sort through and edit, pictures to plan, draw and paint and I've got to cook my dinner, so I'll be off and let you get back to your Thursday, now. Oh, and I know it's been a long while since, but, nevertheless, I hope that you all had a wonderfully Merry Christmas and I wish you all an extremely Happy New Year while I've been away! I hope you're all happy and well :) 

Lots of love, Mari-ann ♥

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