eighteen years old.

It was my eighteenth birthday on the 2nd of March! I was lucky enough to get an Instax camera and a new lens (85mm f/1.8) for my camera, so hopefully I'll be able to scan some of my Instax photos and get around to shooting with my new lens  soon to share it all. :) I can't actually believe I'm eighteen really, it's a little crazy. Actually not a little, a lot! Everything's extremely daunting and rather scary, at the mo'- I have absolutley no idea what I'm doing with my life anymore and time seems to be flying by far too quickly! (agh, what is this madness?!)

Anyway, enough of my rambles about my midlife-crisis teenage-crisis. I'll post some new photos soon for you all :) Hope you're all having a lovely evening!
Mari-ann xx

p.s. You only turn eighteen once, so, choosing to document such a transition, here's a silly little photo of myself as a freshly-turned eighteen year old! (I look like I have a bob in this photo... I'm so tempted to get it cut like this!)

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