writing senseless posts rather than doing work, rather than sleeping.

(I'm atrocious at blogging consistently, aren't I?!)

Anyway, to anybody who is actually taking the time to read these mundane posts, #1) Thank you! #2) I'm sorry for yet another monthly+ absence and #3) I'll post more often soon, I promise!
Well, my final A-Level exams are nearing and therefore, times are stressy and dull and draining, especially with the fact that I've hit a lull that I can't quite get out out of the habit of, and that is procrastinating. I swear I have a shocking talent at procrastinating... too good! I'm definitely suffering for it all now, bah humbug!
(That being said, I will not learn my lesson, and I will find myself in a similar situation in the future, I'm sure.) sighh

I've got a whole bunch of boring? photos to share with you all, as I have just bought a brand new 2TB hard-drive for my computer (oh yes!) and now have oodles of space to satisfy my 'editing & photographing' urges and needs :) They go all the way back from before my birthday, gawshh! But at least I've had sufficient sources to choose from for new work and for new projects for college.
I've started working larger in art and on the weekend I used oil paints for the first time ever, and it was the most daunting thing I think I've done this year, especially as I had to teach my myself and so I'm pretty sure I've done something wrong, but heyho, I tried my best! :) Also, this week, I've been trying to complete two projects for photography at once, while still doing all of my other homework, as well as editing a whole bunch of photos for a stop-motion of the moon, and it's all proving to be a bit too much. To be frank, I'm failing miserably. Oh and let's just say, my bedtime this week so far has been residing within the early hours of each next-morning and it's all turning into a bit of a vicious cycle of sleep-deprivation but I'm determined to prove some people wrong, so fingers crossed, it'll be worth it in the long run!
I can't wait for the next couple of months to come and go, I cannot wait to be rid of Strodes... I'm so over the whole college lark! Although on the other hand, I do hope it goes slowly, so that I can do all of my work for Fine Art and Phtoography in time for my deadlines, as well as doing all of my coursework for Drama and effectively re-revising the whole of the past two years for French... neghhh :| even the mere thought of revision kills me a little bit inside.
Aaand, another reason on top of that, I can't bear to even think about leaving all of my friends... it makes me so sad :( I'm getting to the point now where it doesn't even feel real, and yet I still tear up a little at the thought of potentially never seeing some of the people in my life ever again! It's actually heartbreaking. And, on top of that, I'm going to go off to Swansea for uni and I'm going to be all alone, inexperienced and quiet and unattractive and fat and shy and plainly invisible and probably miserable, (lots of 'and's!) and I bet you I don't make friends for months and months just like what happened at Strodes (oh, those were hard times...)
& I'll miss my fam', just as much as my friends, especially Emily . Okay I need to stop, too much thinking...

Emily, Christmas 2010.

Well, as you can see, I'm basically just filling this with passing thoughts now, so your eyes have probably glazed over by now and your just staring at the screen, bored out of your brain, or you're not even reading this anymore as you have gone elswhere to actually enjoy yourself (not that I blame you- I'd probably do the same thing).
I shall stop boring you with all of this mundane, diary-entry of a post, and leave you to your evenings/mornings/afternoons. Beddy-byes now, methinks :) but before that, I'm going to post some photos now, to lighten the mood (well, hopefully, anyway) and bid you adieu.

Mari-ann xxx

Oh, p.s. If I don't blog before the weekend, HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL! :) I hope that you have a lovely long weekend, with Bank Holiday Monday and all... I'm so looking forward to next week too, as it's an even better three day week, closely followed by a wondrous four day weekend courtesy of Wills and Kate, and their no-doubt-exuberantly-lavish wedding! (Mmm-ahhh, long weekends) :) Anyways, bonsoir, mes amies! xxxx

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