hushabye mountain.


... The winds of night so softly are sighing-
Soon they will fly your troubles to sea.
So close your eyes on Hushabye Mountain.
Wave good-bye to cares of the day.
And watch your boat from Hushabye Mountain
Sail far away from lullaby bay.

~ Caractacus Potts, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


I've been humming along with this song all day long, so I thought this post would be wholly appropriate! On another note, I think I'm going to buy some new watercolours... I need to add some colour to this new-found freedom I have acquired, as well as my blog, it would seem. Colour posts are on their way, I promise! Cross my heart and hope to die...
Maybe I'll post some of my drawings/painting for you to see, as well as my photos? Hmm, I think I might just do that, as soon as possible! I wonder what you'll think of them? :) ♥

Mari-ann xxx

p.s. There's a lunar eclipse tonight! The sky is going to be so beautiful and milky-moony, and I'm so very hopeful that the skies will clear of these stubborn, grey clouds so that I can stare up at it until my I'm too sleepy and too chilly to continue. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I may get some more moon pictures, and lunar ones, at that... Who knows? (I'm not promising anything however... This is England, we're talking about, and whenever I've wished for a cloudless sky, my wishes have, sadly, never been granted. But positivity is key, so... :D. And, I mean, even if Monsieur Lune is determined to win a simple game of hide'n'seek, I'm sure there'll be other photos to be taken, so I'll share them with you, instead! ♥)