on paper.

Land's End. 35mm film, 2010.

Same Place, Same Time, Different Sky. Instax film, 2011.

Cornwall, 35mm film, 2010.


Back in April, I sent an email to Rebecca, the editor of ON PAPER magazine, about possibly contributing to their first issue. She and I spoke about the images she may have wanted to include, and so I sent her five photographs that I had taken while on holiday last year, and a collection of instax photographs I had taken of sunsets from the same place, at the same time, over a week and a day. After talking with her via email for a week and a bit or so, and everything was agreed upon and finalised, I waited in blissful anticipation for the magazine being printed and recieving my own copy!

I was at college and extremely stressed, trying to get all of my photography coursework done for my final exam unit, and my sister texted me that a big envelope had arrived with my name and address written in lovely handwriting, and it just made that previously frantic-and-hectic-and-extremely-intense day infinitely better! :) It's made me so very happy when I got to open it and see three of the six of my photos included in a real magazine, credited and everything, more than you know! I 'eee' and 'ahh' and smile with a hideously large grin whenever I see it, and touch and flip through it's lovely, soft pages! All of the photos and interviews in it are so interesting and wonderful to see and read, too, so it makes me even more excited to be included in it! I really can't believe it, that it actually happened! Nothing ever happens to me- I mean, I'm a nobody, really!
You should definitely have a look at their website, and if you live in London, you could maybe even have a look out for the actual magazine in shops! :D Mmm, I am so giddy with happiness right now. Aaand, I've hopefully got some new photography projects in the works, so fingers and toes and eyes and legs and arms crossed, all goes well! I'm also hopefully going to be brave and ask to meet up with some lovely and talented people sometime soon... I'm not sure if I will, but I'm hopeful nonetheless. I want to be brave, and I would love to make some new friends :)

Hope all's well,
Mari-ann xxx

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  1. i endlessly want to meet you mari-ann, you have the purest heart, i'm really smiley i promise :) p.s. no one does landscapes like you, these are surreal in the most beautiful way possible ♥