eclipsis lunae.


Here are the photos that I took back in June, when there was a lunar eclipse. While I had been half expecting the sky to be completely clouded over and dark, I was pleasantly surprised and fortunate enough to be able to see the moon in the sky, although it didn't have a red glow to it as, apparently, the Earth's shadow had already gone away. Nevertheless, being the sort of girl I am, I braved the cold and stood barefoot outside for well over half an hour and just snapped away at the moon, which was just in front of my house. The atmosphere of that night was so eerie, interesting and magical, and the photos I took, both from outside and through a window upstairs, really look quite mystical so they're a good reminder of it all. :)
           The warmer and more appropriately orange-red photos are those that I took while I was outside, and the bluer, more ethereal photos were taken from the front window of my house. The bokeh effects and soft lighting come from the moonlight shining directly through the window into my lens, hitting the blinds and, most importantly and interestingly, the droplets of condensation that came with the cool night. That was what created the misty, bokeh effect in the indoors photos. Also, I'm presonally fascinated by the night sky and space, so I did a little reading up on the matter, and I found a little gif file for you all to look at, just in case you were interested in it as well! Here we go:

(Hopefully it works, but knowing my luck it won't so if it doesn't, click here, or on the image, to watch it.
It may take a little while to load completely.)

I hope you like the photos, and please excuse the quality of the images- it was dark and so they aren't the greatest because I didn't have my tripod or anything like that to hand so they're ghosted slightly and a bit unfocused. I still like them though and hopefully you do too? As I keep saying, I have more blogposts to... well, post, and so keep your eyes peeled! Hopefully, I'll be motivated this weekend to try and get some blog posts done and dusted. I'll most likely do lots of photo-posts with a couple diary-eqsue bits and bobs, so hopefully that'll be alright for you all. :)
Hope you're all happy and well! I hope you have a lovely weekend ♥

Mari-ann xxx


  1. this is honestly the most beautiful ever, i am in so much awe they have put me in some kind of trance - you faerie, mari-ann, you true faerie

    1. Thank you so much, Katie! I am so happy that you like them :) ♥ (p.s. I am so sorry I only just saw your comment!)