This day was spent, for the most part, indoors because it started bucketing down with rain and literally didn't stop for hours (I think we may have brought some of the British weather over with us ;) haha). Now, those who don't know me personally won't know that I actually love the rain and so I just went outside and took some pictures in the glorious rain of our 'garden' (or, possibly more correctly, the berry trees, flower bushes and reeds of seed pods that were all around our camper!). After a while, I'd gotten impressively drenched and rather chilly, so I went back indoors to read my book, listen to some music and giggle about with Emily, Nani and Grandad. So, even if it was the most eventful of days, I still had a really good time taking lots of photos and just chilling out with everybody before we prepared, and devoured, our tea, played a game of pictionary and had some hot chocolate before going to bed, hoping to wake up to sunnier skies the next morning! :) ♥ xxx

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