Day Three of our holiday came quickly and Day Two went equally as quick, time melting in a warm, hazy blur of French accents, pain au chocolat and lots of naps. I didn't take any photos and I just slept and read and daydreamed (and then slept some more). We only got up and actually did things when we could muster the motivation, and what bigger motivation is there than four rumbly tummies? So, once we'd all gotten up, we went to le supermarché for some delicious food and general camping supplies and then spent the rest of the evening unpacking, reading, cooking and (subsequently) eating. We followed that all with a game of dominoes and a cup of hot chocolate, before going to bed again.
Now, going back to Day Three, these nothing-photos are from our second day at the camp-site. It was so sunny and warm that we all decided to take a little walk through the site to the beach which was right next to it. With bags packed with sunglasses, sun cream, iPod and a good book, we set off and ended up sitting on the beach just relaxing for a long while- it was so nice to just sit in the shade, feeling the breeze on my skin whilst reading a book and listening to the water with a soft soundtrack of Joanna Newsom, Bon Jovi and the Cinematic Orchestra, (amongst others) playing in the background! :) I took some pictures of the sky and the birds and the water, and then, after we had had enough sea air, we decided to go back to the camper to get ready for dinner and to just have another relaxed evening al together! On the way back, we all got an ice cream to end our short 'outing' in style- I had a raspberry ice cream cone, et c'était délicieux! :) ♥ xxx

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