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We went to Océanopolis, in Brest, for the day and it was incredible!  As you can see, I got extremely snap-happy, (I actually took almost 2,000 photos on this day alone, so yeah... hopefully, you can get the picture :D haha!), and so I apologise for posting so many photos in one post, but hopefully you like them anyway! It was the perfect day, sunny and warm, and Nani and Grandad let Emily and I wander around and go wherever we fancied, and so, of course, we went to every part of the park! It. Was. Amazing. ♥ :D SO, SO GOOD! I must say, if you ever happen to be in Brest for the day, and find that you have nothing to do, I'd wholeheartedly suggest going to Océanopolis- you will not regret, it is worth every Euro! :) Well, I don't really know what else to say but I'll just say that these really are some of my favourite photos from the entire holiday and I hope that they convey the wonderful day that I had well! :) ♥ xxx


  1. Oh wow Mari-ann! Especially at the penguin photo's I am completely obsessed with them & I have absolutely fallen in love with the photo of the penguin swimming with its head above water.. So beautiful, all of them!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Jax! I'm so happy that you like them- these are actually some of my favourite photos from last summer :) and I'm so glad that you like the penguin photos! I don't know what it is about penguins, but I could happily watch them swim and waddle around for hours and hours. Whenever I see penguins and manage to get a good photo of a penguin, my heart does a little somersault of joy, haha! Ah... I love penguins :) ♥