'Taste the rainbow.'

(I just had to- it's so catchy! :D)

I took these photos while I was walking back to Staines after a lovely day wandering around Egham climbing and picnicing on hills nearby, exploring and walking lots up the hills and by the Thames, and just generally enjoying the rest of the day, after having just signed out of college forever, with two of my best friends! It was the prefect day anyway, but, for me, (being the childish, easily-amused being that I am) seeing this rainbow (eeee!! ♥) made my day even better!

Anyways, I just wanted to share my photos of the rainbow from summertime :) and I'm gradually sorting through all of the photos I have to post on here, so hopefully I'll have a steady flow of posts coming your way over the next few weeks! Hope you're all having a lovely week and that you're all happy and well :) ♥

Lots of love,
Mari-ann xxx