New Years Day- 1.1.11.

I just found these photos that I took at midnight on New Years Day this year! :) I completely forgot about them- I mean they're aren't anything phenomenally interesting but still, they're something that marked a new beginning, a new year, a fresh start. So, almost 11 months after taking them, here I am sharing them with you :) haha! I don't really know where the areas of colour came from really, they just appeared in the photo when the flash went off, so who knows... but nevertheless I like them! Hope you like them too, and that you're happy and well :) 

Lots of love,
Mari-ann xxx

p.s. Get ready for a super-duper spam of pictures that I took this summer that I've finally finished sorting through! There will be lots and lots and lots of photos to look at, so, fingers crossed, they're to your liking! ♥ :)

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