It was 9am, and the ferry was well on it's way across the Channel to France. There was no more land visible before us and we, Emily and I, just leant against a railing, talked and laughed and talked some more, whilst the sea breeze brushed our clothes and faces and gave  us goosebumps, and played with our hair. Often-times the wind was not as kind as we'd have hoped it to be, when it came to our hair. Emily was quite lucky- her hair was up in a pretty ponytail and so the breeze didn't do much to her, it simply rearranged her fringe slightly. My hair, however, was down- all nicely brushed, completely knot-free, shiny and soft- and, although over the years, I've come to realise that the wind generally has no regard for how one looks or any fashion of the sort, and that it merely does as it knows to do (which is obviously to be windy and blow things in one  direction or another). Now, I never seem to learn from those experiences, and I always tend to have my hair down during times of snow, wind, and rain (I don't think there's another element that's nature involves something that can seriously mess up your hair?), and so, of course, my hair went everywhere! I tried to tame it and put it up, but, in the end, I just gave up. Let's just say, when we finally ventured back into the ferry, I looked... interesting, haha. :) The sun was warm and bright, cutting through the clouds and sitting on the horizon. To pass the time, we went to the cinema and watched a favourite of ours, Tangled, and then we had some delicious food, before we went back out to watch the water and see France grow bigger and bigger and we got closer and closer. I wish I'd taken a photo of what I had for lunch- it was delicious! I had a plate of pasta with pesto and parmesan cheese and then a French strawberry tart, for dessert :) it was beautiful... I'm actually getting quite hungry at the thought of it! Anyway, once we arrived in Normandy, we had to wait a little while in the car before we could drive out of the ferry and begin the second part of our journey to Brittany, for our camp-site in Cabellou. As we drove, I read and listened to music and just gazed out of the window at the passing views of rich fields and farmland and just felt the excitement grow more and more as we got nearer to the end of our journey. We reached the camp-site at about 9pm-ish and then had to help Grandad set up the camper and then get ready for bed. I think it's safe to say, we all slept well that night! :) xxx

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