taii gordon.



Okay! Here we go, here is #3, my drawing of the beautiful Taii Gordon. This took me a couple of weeks rather than doing it all in one sitting- I felt I should bide my time and just go with the flow rather than rushing it and getting frustrated with myself and the drawing! Many a time, I have rushed things and just got flustered and annoyed and just given up in a huff, so I just drew it bit by bit, whenever inspiration possessed me. I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, freckles and all, and I'm really rather glad that I did it slowly because I think taking my time meant I could really pay attention to all of the details and I did my best to try make them look as similar to the photo as possible. In the end, I think that it turned out as good as I could have ever hoped it to be! Taii actually saw my drawing on Tumblr, which was very exciting, and she said this: 

"Amazing!!!!! Your amazing!! Im insanely jealous of your drawing skills though!! Thank you very much for drawing me and spending time on my face lol :-)". 


I really am proud of this drawing, and while it was hard work, I'm glad I stuck at it and finished it! I hope that you like it. :) oh, I'm actually going to be starting my next drawing in the next week so fingers crossed that one goes well! Hopefully soon, I'll add some 'work-in-progress' photos from my instagram to this and the last two posts I've done to show you how things went as I drew them. So, keep your eyes peeled for the eventual post about my next drawing in the next month, if you'd like to, and I'll add the WIP pictures as soon as possible. :)

Lots of love, Mari-ann


  1. Woah, this is insanely beautiful!!
    It took me a few seconds until I realised that this was a DRAWING.
    Wow, please share more of your beautiful artwork.

    1. Thank you so much, Regina! That is the biggest compliment ever, it really means so much to me! I will, I promise. :) ♥