A lone tree, far in the distance, on a misty hill.




sunny, rainy Wales.


They all got a bit jumbled around when I uploaded them, but, nevertheless, here are my photos from a trip that I went on with the uni, to Llangorse and Brecon Beacons, back in October. It was a little activity trip to sort of help us all get to know one another better and, I suppose, to see what photos people could capture when given an idea brief and a small amount of time once we were in groups. It was a bit difficult really, because we were given these wonderful, big cameras (Canon 1Ds, 5Ds, 50Ds, etc) but I didn't really have any idea how to use them properly and I didn't have any time to figure things out and have a little practice because there were six of us and we all needed to have four photos each but we were only given an hour or so, so I didn't manage to take any good pictures, which was a bit of a bummer, but never mind. After a while, I sort of gave up trying to impress the tutors and so I just took the pictures I had to rather quickly so that I could just have some fun and take lots of photos with my own camera as we wandered around looking for inspiration. Amongst all of these are my favourites from being in my own little world, doing my own thing, snapping away like the shutter-bug I am! :)
On a slight side note, if you're ever in Wales, I would definitely recommend you going to Brecon Beacons, and around that area, because you won't be disappointed! The landscapes are amazing and it's even beautiful when it's gloomy and wet (which is most of the time- I mean, this is the UK), but, honestly, sometimes I felt like I was in a film when it was raining and misty, it was so atmospheric and just... stunning! It was amazing! Anyways, I took far too many photos, as per usual, but I finally managed to sift through them all and pick out my favourites, so voila! Maybe one day, I'll print them all out and make a photo album or a big ol' scrapbook? Hmm, the possibilites are endless... Well, anyways I hope you like them! Hope you're having a lovely day :)

Lots of love, Mari-ann 


  1. there's such a unique fragility to your pictures, I really like that. they all picture emptiness in such a romantic way, I love that very much. looking at them really makes me feel calm and at ease.

    1. Thank you so much, Julia! What a wonderfully lovely thing to hear :) I am so happy that you like my pictures! This has made my day, thank you ♥

  2. These photos are gorgeous, the landscape is far too perfect...
    I wrote down this place in my want-to-visit list and who knows someday I will see this beauty in all its dimensions.