Well, this was a wonderful day! We all went to the zoo in Pont Scorff and it was really incredible :) Emily was especially excited at the prospect of seeing a tiger for the first time (one of her favourite animals!) and I was excited about seeing elephants and, well... everything really! I was just really excited, I became a child again for the day, grinning madly and snapping away. It was a long day, walking around the whole park, but it was amazing seeing all of the animals and birds and just having a really relaxed, enjoyable day surrounded by nature. Later in the evening, when we got back to the camp-site, the sun had set and the moon was slowly making its way up into the night-blue sky along with a skyful of delicate stars. of course, loving the sky, the moon and stars, I went out for a little while and took some photos of the moon hitting the windows and creating patterns of light, of the stars and, just before I went back in for dinner and then bed, I took a quick photo of the moon beneath a blanket of clouds that seemed to come out of nowhere! The beautiful night sky brought a lovely end to a really great day! :) xxx


  1. I love all of these, especially the turtle one & the single leaf falling! Beautiful

    1. Thank you, Jax! I'm so happy that you like them :) ♥