These are just a few pictures that I took during this day, in the car and out and about. :) After packing up the camper and saying goodbye to the place we'd called home for the past two weeks, we started driving on our way to a hotel for that evening. before we went on our way back to catch the ferry in Normandy to come back home. On the way, we stopped at this gigantic maze that was spread across fields and fields of sweetcorn crops! The sun was high and hot, and we quickly got lost. Trying to be clever, after having given up on following the clues that were provided, we followed the maze with our lefts hands brushing the leaves and always taking left-turns to eventually find our way out (a little tip for you there , for if you ever find yourself lost in a maze: choose a side to follow- left or right-, stick to it and be patient!). BUT, what we didn't realise until there was no way out other than to finish it was that there were scary, cloaked characters within the maze wearing big black cloaks and shouting, following and chasing you in the maze... I was amused, yet highly unamused at the same time, let's just say that. At one point, I screamed really loudly when, out of nowhere, this guy jumped out on Emmy and I after we had just run as fast as we could to escape any interaction with him just minutes beforehand! :p For those of you who haven't ever heard me scream ("Lucky you!", I'm sure my sister would say...), I've been told that I have a veeeery high-pitch scream and a veeeery loud voice on certain occasions (i.e. singing, acting... and the odd scream). I'm telling you this because, basically, everybody heard me. And I mean everybody. It was hilarious, but also rather embarrassing. Let's just say, the two of us got out of that maze as quickly as we could! :) After a quick toilet break, water-bottle refill and a lovely ice-cream, we hopped back in the car and went back on our way up to the hotel. (which was lovely, by the way! They did the nicest Chicken Caesar salad, mmm, and Emmy and I had our own room which was great- we spent much of the night watching French music videos and dubbed episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Bones! :) Ah, it was so great.) xxx

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