au revoir, normandie.

somebody getting comfy before the six-hour-long journey across the Channel.

some windswept self-portraits taken on top deck.

windswept, part deux.

the sun setting over the isle of wight.

looking over the ferry rail, down at the sea.

emily at sunset.

the most fiery sunset i've ever seen.

the spinnika tower.

pulling up to dock in portsmouth.

reflections from clarence pier.



And here we are! The last day on holiday, coming home from France on a six hour ferry ride. After what felt like forever, we finally got onto the ferry, leaving the car below deck while we went up and found ourselves some chairs in a room that we shared with a lovely family who'd smile at Emily and I whenever we returned to the room after a little wander around the boat, going to the top deck to stand in the wind and look out towards the horizon, going to the cinema to watch Paul to pass the time, and just having a nice time throughout the day before we arrived back in Portsmouth later the day. The day went by fairly quickly, and it was almost the exact journey (except, of course, reversed, what with us coming home from France rather than going there). I ate a delicious plate of pesto pasta again, had another wonderfully mouth-watering French strawberry tart and then we just wandered around, just the two of us for hours. Every now and again, we'd go back to Nani and Grandad and have a little sit-down, reading magazines and listening to music, but we'd always be off again to venture somewhere new on the ferry! I took Emmy up to the top deck (as I think I mentioned before) and, together, we experienced the impressive strength of the wind up there when you're out at sea and it was hilarious- I loved it, although I don't think I can say the same thing for my hair! Once again, I hadn't predicted such strong gales and so, after a long gaze out to the sea and the ever-growing silhouette of the Isle of Wight, I returned to the warmth of indoors with a head full of knots, rosy cheeks and chattering teeth! :) But I didn't really mind that much, I'm not always one to care that much about how I look, I'm almost ashamed to admit... I can be, but I wasn't this time. I just loved the feeling of it all- the freedom. Mmm, yes, it was glorious. (I miss it.) It was a lovely end to a lovely holiday, too, and it was topped off by the pinkest, warmest sunset I'd ever seen reaching across the sea onto our faces and the clouds above our heads. I felt so insignificant, but wonderfully so. I mean, it was just so beautiful and, it was a marvellous sight to be able to pass a half an hour thinking about things and taking everything in- and, of course,taking lots and lots of photos! 

By the end of the two week holiday, I'd managed to accumulate 3,637 photographs (excluding at least five rolls of film and a few packs of Instax films), and that's what brought me to this very moment, all those months ago, at the beginning of all of these blogposts: finding myself faced with the gigantic task of going through them all, editing them a little bit and then sorting them all out ready for each blog post. This finish has been a long time coming, 5 months and 12 days, to be precise, and it's so gratifying to see it all finally done, even if it's not very impressive! Hopefully, I haven't bored you all too much, and I hope that you like some of the pictures I took. :) Thank you for letting me share my holiday memories with you, whoever you are! Lots of love and the best of wishes, Mari-ann  xxx


  1. Such beautiful photos on your blog!
    I especially love the windswept photos because they are full of emotion and so delicate.
    And the sunset pictures are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much, Regina :) I'm so glad you like them! Ah, yes- I do love a good sunset! :) ♥

  2. I just can say wow! The self portraits are very beautiful, as you are!
    And the tones are perfect!

    1. Thank you much Laia! That means so much to me :) ♥

  3. great photos, especially those self-portraits!

    1. Thank you very much, Sylvie! Ah, that really means a lot to me- I wasn't very sure of them all when I first posted them on here but your, Laia and Regina's comments have made me feel so much better about them so thank you! :) ♥