sunny mornings in the sky on the way to berlin.
early morning flights to anywhere and everywhere.

doodles in the raindrops on the holocaust memorial.
an art installation with a brain brain made of clay in the graffiti building.
'kermit the frog' art in the graffiti building.
a piece of art in the graffiti building.
a graffitied (and rather chewing-gummed) section of the berlin wall.
oranienburger straße.

neue synagoge.
colourful water-pump pipes that ran throughout the city.

brandenburg gate.

a couple of living statues.
a statue at the edge of monbijou park.

monbijou park.
a couple of graffitied sections of the berlin wall.

the river spree.
the graffitied staircase in the graffied building near our hotel.

it had loads of cool, quirky art/artists. (jewellry makers, painters, a man who sculpted vaginas... all sorts.)
there were at least 5 floors.

  fenced-off areas of the city.
the holocaust memorial.

sticker-covered traffic lights.
market day.
monbijou park.
graffitied sections of the berlin wall.
the fernsehturm from monbijou park.

the sunset on the flight home.
pillows of cloud.
wind farms off of the english coast.

the motorway as we were approaching luton.



Well, here we go! I have finally managed to finish a big batch of going through/selecting/editing folders upon folders of images, and amongst those folders were these photos from my trip to Berlin at the end of February! (Only 4 months later...) So, yes! Berlin! I absolutely loved being in Berlin and hopefully, I'll be able to go again in the future. It was so good! I stayed on Oranienburger Straße, right by the metro and down a road filled with restaurants, clubs/bars, shops and galleries. Plenty of walking, plenty of alcohol was consumed, shisha was experienced, my faux-Converse trainers got a hole in the sole and got more broken and more soaked over the trip, blisters were endured, pictures were taken, yada yada yada. I didn't get as many photos, or rather as much variety, as I'd hoped, but I'm still happy with them :) they're my tangible souvenirs from the trip. But anyway, I can't really think of anything more to write about Berlin, other than it was AMAZING and that I miss it and hopefully I can go back again soon.
That week was a rather full-on week, really. The first four days were spent travelling back and forth to, and being in, Berlin, and the other three days were spent in Bristol with my one of my lovely friends to have a nice catch-up, and to celebrate my birthday, too! Yep, on the 2nd of March, the morning after I got back from Berlin, I turned nineteen! :) It really was quite possibly one of the best weeks I've had this year- it was rather busy but it was so exhilarating and exciting! It really set my wanderlusting daydreams off to a whole other level, too- now I just want to travel around and just see places and meet new people and just take zillions of pictures along the way! :D Hopefully, one day... I'd better get saving, eh? Anyway, I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore so I'm going to curtail this catch-up and stop waffling on and boring you!

Okay so, fingers crossed, (and I realise I keep saying this but still) I'll start get better at posting more frequently soon! I hope you're all superbly happy and well, that you're enjoying the beginnings of your summer, however the weather may be (it's raining a fair bit over here at the moment.) and that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

Lots of love, Mari-ann 

 a nineteenth birthday polaroid.

(p.s. On that note, actually, I just thought I'd forewarn you that I have literally hundreds of Polaroids to share with you all, eventually! Honestly, I'm dreading scanning them all onto my hard-drive, but I am looking forward to finally sharing them with you all, so it won't be all bad :) I think I'll show you them all in small blogposts rather than one big, fat one, but yes, since December, reawakened my love for the ever-wonderful, yet ever-expensive, art of instant photography, so there will be a fair few! So, keep your eyes peeled for lots of polaroids coming your way. )


  1. I've always wanted to go to Berlin and after seen your pictures, I definitely want to go there (especially the first one from the holocaust memorial, which is stunning btw !)

    1. Ah yes, you should definitely go to Berlin, you'd have such a great time! Thank you so much, Maurine :) ♥