natalia vodianova.

A little experiment I did in Photoshop.


Since the end of March/beginning of April (when I drew this drawing of Sølve Sundsbø's photo of Natalia Vodianova), I've been drawing again. It feels so nice and fulfilling to be something other than simply photography 24/7; as much as I love photography, it can get so dull, irritating and choreish trying to constantly be on the look-out to be inspired and create 'amazing' pictures, (which I never do anyway- I'm such a sore excuse for a picture-taker, really) and honestly I've missed just drawing and painting so it's been really therepeutic, calming. I'm actually thinking of making a project out of it, a portrait a month for a year or something along those lines. Maybe something with watercolours, and/or oil painting, as well? Who knows! :) I've still got to do this month's drawing, so once I've done it, I'll post that here as well. This really isn't as 'perfect' as I'd hoped it would be, but despite that I'm still really quite proud of it, and, after all, I'm still only practising, so hopefully I'll get better as I go along... Fingers crossed!


So, this will be #1, and #2 is being uploaded as we speak (or, as I write this, rather)... let's see if I can do this and get near to reaching #12, or even further if inspiration catches me, shall we? :)

Lots of love, Mari-ann ♥


  1. I know what you mean about photographing constantly, I like to draw/paint too.. But am no where near as talented as this!

    1. It really can be so relaxing to do something a little bit different every once in a while, can't it? And I bet you are selling yourself short- I am sure you're an absolutely wonderful drawer/painter/all-round-artist, Jax! (I mean, you're a fantatstic photographer, so I know that there'll be lots of creative magic coursing through your veins. I just know it) :) ♥

  2. Wow,this is awesome. I think you're very talented.

    1. Thank you so much, Nina! That really means a lot to me :) ♥