miranda kerr.



Voila! Here is #2, my drawing of a photograph of Miranda Kerr for KORA Organics. This one took me about half a day, and, I kid you not, at least 6-7 of those hours were taken up by me drawing her hair alone! It was so frustrating; it felt like it took forever, but alas, I got there in the end. (But, goodness me, did my hand was such a mess and hurt so badly after I'd finished, haha!)

I'm really happy with this drawing, and, while I sincerely hope that I don't have to endure another hellish ordeal of hair-drawing with my next drawing, I can't wait to get started! Hope you like it! I wonder who I'll draw next...?  :)

Lots of love, Mari-ann ♥


  1. This is amazing Mari-ann! Absolutely beautiful <3

    1. Thank you, Jax :) That means the world to me! All of your comments are really making my day, you are so lovely ♥