days of summer. III


France, 2011.


One afternoon, my grandparents, Emmy and I visited this small village of traditional French thatched houses, and while we were there, we went for a little wonder in search of this building down a path just past the village (I think it was a church but I can't remember?) which, in the end, we gave up looking for! But on the way to that elusive building/church, and through the little village, I took these few photos (I foolishly didn't bring a spare roll of film with me, just in case, and I'd forgotten that I'd shot a fair few things on film the day before, and so I used up my roll of film within about five to ten minutes of being there... that's why I don't actually have any pictures of the thatched houses, because I'd said to myself that I could take some pictures of them on the way back to the car, and, evidently, that was a bit of a fail on my part, haha.) of one of the houses' hydrangea bush, a couple of trees, a farmhouse that was draped in green and red leaves and a mossy stone wall. Nothing especially amazing, but still lovely and, I mean, it was all so picturesque and interesting that I just really wanted to take some pictures to remember it all. Ah, I miss France a lot! I hope you're all having a lovely day :)

Love, Mari-ann 

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