days of summer. IV

France 2011.


Here are a few photos that I took out of my window on a car journey of the sky and the French countryside (or at least, as much of the landscape that you can actually see from the road and in a car). France is one of my favourite places in the world! I love it so much- the language, the people, the places, the architecture, the food, the landscape, the culture, the music, the films, the fashion... Ahh, basically everything!
An annoying thing is that, despite learning French since I was about 4, I am still only able to have a awkwardly-stilted conversation about birthdays, bits and bobs about WW2, where you live, family/friends/pets, asking for directions, asking for your name, asking for food, I can tell you that I love you, that I hate you, that I have a headache, etc, and  that's about it. 15 years of education just to be able to talk about that?! I mean, really! Gah, I hate my non-sponge-like brain sometimes for not absorbing everything about speaking French. I'd give almost anything to be fluent in French! Why, oh, whyyyy can't I be fluent in French?! Le sigh. (see what I did there? ;) haha, I'm such a loser.)
Thinking about it, I have loads of photos from when I went to Paris when I was 16 that I have never posted anywhere! I'm going to have a look at them and see if I can do an insanely belated post about Paris. (Ah, Paris, je t'aime!) Ahem. Anyways, please excuse my rant about not being bilingual... It seems I got a little carried away. I hope you're having a lovely day :)

Love, Mari-ann 


  1. Beautiful! I love your blog. You capture such beautiful memories.

    1. Thank you so, so much, Regina! I'm so happy that you like it- I always worry that I'm just boring everyone and wasting my time/embarrassing myself. This comment has literally made my day :) thank you, lovely! ♥