days of summer. VI

one of the few photos I took by sticking my hand, and camera, into some rock-pools.

über fail, but ah well, I kind of like it!

lots of wavy seaweed.
lots and lots of (surprisingly painful) barnacles.
another slightly windswept fail, but, again, I kind of like it.

France, 2011.


On one of the days, our uncle came to visit for the day, which was really cool! And it was the perfect day, too, so we all decided to go and relax on a beach not that far from the camp-site. I'd packed a couple of underwater disposable cameras in my bag, in the hopes that we'd spend some time by the sea, and so I grabbed them and helped pack the car ready for a day at the beach. After everyone had gotten settled, reading under a rainbow umbrella, bathing in the sun, playing with the sand, I took a few pictures on my digital camera and then rested my eyes for a little while, just listening to the ocean. A while later, I wanted to go for a little walk, as did Emily, and so we ventured over to the rock-pools nearby. Wearing flip flops (in hindsight, probably not the best choice of footwear), Emmy and I went for yet another wander over to the rocks, clambering around, up and down, inspecting barnacles and collections of seaweed and many-a-rock-pool. :) I took these all as the day went by, climbing up to get a better view of the sea and the horizon, precariously perching and leaning out over the water at the very edge of the rocks to get pictures of the waves and the patterns that all of the seaweed was on the surface... just trying to get a picture of everything that was around us so that I would be able to recreate it all in my head in the future (well, now really!). That way, no matter where I might have been be, I could always have a moment of calm by the sea in my head to go to whenever I need to. :)
It sounds silly, but I really love being by, and in, water so much, especially the sea, and I don't really have much of it where I live, (other that the Thames, which isn't the nicest water to swim in), so whenever I go on holiday and we get to go to the seaside, I really soak it all in and take a gazillion photos for me to remember it all later. Ah, I just love, love, love it! Actually, on that note, I'm actually trying to figure out a way for Emmy and I to go to West Witterings Beach, one of our favourite beaches here in England, so, who knows, I may have some new beach-y pictures to share with you all soon! Fingers crossed :) (although I shan't hold my breath, just in case...) Anyway, I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!

Love, Mari-ann 


  1. do you actually edit your film photos? just curious, I hop you don't mind me asking.

    1. Hi Julia! Occasionally I do, just fixing contrasts and brightness levels, dodging and burning, etc... almost exactly how I would edit my film if I was in the darkroom. With all of these 'days of summer' photos, I didn't actually own my scanner at the time, and so I had to actually take photos of all of my prints from the shop on my digital camera, and then upload and open them in Photoshop to crop them to just have the picture in the frame rather than the cardboard background I lightly stuck them to, to keep them as flat as possible. The general process that I go through whenever getting film ready to post online is editing out any dust and/or scratches, sorting out the lopsided framing (I'm terrible at scanning things straight!), and fixing the contrast/brightness to match the print as closely as possible. And, unless I am doing a shoot with an idea in my head of how I want things to look when I've finished, like the photos I took of my sister on film when I was 16 for the first part of my 'Phobias' project, I never drastically alter the colours, as I want them to look as realistic as possible. Sometimes I convert some of my film to black & white as well to have alternate versions, but other than that I really do try my hardest to get all of the photos looking exactly like they do in print-form. No, that's okay, I don't mind at all- thank you for commenting. Sorry for the essay, hopefully it makes sense! :) ♥

    2. it does! thanks for your detailed answer. :)