days of summer. V

Berries in our 'garden'.
French bread and French cheeses.

Deux chocolat chauds.
Almost as if we were still home, it rained quite a lot while we were on holiday. But, meh, I love the rain.

It's not that clear, but it was a strawberries-and-cream smiley face.
Our 'garden', behind our camper.

France, 2011.


These are all of the film photos that I took in and around our camper. I may be a little biased, but honestly I don't know of anybody's cooking that is as delicious or as wonderful as my Nani's! It is the best. I'm actually getting hungry just thinking about it... We ate like the French, and it was delicious. And, before bed, we'd always have a cup of hot chocolate and play a quick game, like dominoes, Pictionary or this French card game (sort of like 'Go, Fish' but for children and with pictures of fishermen, bakers, farmers, etc.) and it was so nice. :) Ah, nostalgia trip! Anyways, these pictures are sort of diary moments that I took to remember camping and living in Cabellou for a couple of weeks. It's funny how within such a short space of time, a place can really feel like home and how, sometimes, it almost hurts to leave somewhere that has become so familiar. Ah, I really loved it there! :)

Love, Mari-ann 


  1. Looks a little like fall, but it's very pretty.

    / Avy

    1. Thank you, Avy! I hope you're having a lovely day :) ♥