days of summer.

 Emily and I stumbled upon a huge sunflower field while having a little wander.

 a ladybird that landed on Emmy's arm.

 lots of lovely trees bathed in the warm sunlight, covered in leafy, speckled shadows.

France, 2011.


Sunny memories from last summer that I shot on 35mm film while I was in France with my family. :) I completely forgot that I hadn't posted them here- I'd been planning on posting them all after I'd finished posting all of my digital holiday pictures, and well, that was months ago so obviously that idea slipped my mind in a spectacular fashion, haha. Silly me! Well, never mind, here they finally are. I've decided that I am going to upload them all, bit by bit, so they won't be all jumbled and so that I won't bombard you with about 100 different photos of different things in one massive blogpost! (I think there'll be 7 or 8 posts, so I apologise in advance for spamming you with lots of posts at once!) I hope you like some of them and I hope that you're having a lovely day! :)

Love, Mari-ann