days of summer. VII

Emily and her daisy crown.

my beautiful little sister.


not the most flattering of photos, on my part, but a nice picture of us together nonetheless.
once the sun had almost completely set, the moon began to rise over the tree by our camper.
a blurry self-portrait.

France, 2011.


Throughout the two weeks of staying at Cabellou, I'd longed to take pictures in the daisy field opposite our camp-site! Leaving it almost literally to the last minute, I finally braved it and went for a little wander with Emily with my digital camera, my film camera and my instax camera... I certainly came prepared for taking many-a-picture, haha, that's for sure! While we were out there, the sun started to set and, having always wanted to take photos with Em in a big field at sunset, I jumped at the chance and just went with the flow, taking lots of pictures as the sun slowly set. Together, we made a big daisy chain crown to wear and we just hung out together, singing a little and chit-chatting a lot, while I took lots and lots of pictures to make the most of actually being out in the field, surrounded by knee-high daisies! I hadn't taken very many, if any, pictures with my sister all holiday as well, and so I really wanted to capture some memories of us together in France for us to have and be able to look back on when we're older. I hope you like them and that you're having a lovely day :)

Love, Mari-ann 


  1. ah I like those! the mood and all is so beautiful. and I don't think the picture of you and your sister is unflattering, on the contrary. your smile is beautiful. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Julia! I'm really glad that you like them :') ah, thank you, that's really kind of you to say! I hope you're having a wonderful day :) ♥